Li Cheng–Liang





“In one of the stars I shall be living. (though it shall be only one of many to you) In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night.” Li Cheng-liang’s inspiration derives from a world in which we’re surrounded by technology and appliances – a global phenomenon. Billions rapidly and conveniently float weightless in passive, apathetic confusion, leaving only emptiness. Lee once came across an internet story from a different dimension, which depicted a reincarnated storyteller describing how the moon above was actually placed there by ancient masters. A romantic, sensual, thoroughly rational inspiration flourished from here, as he decided to capture the simultaneous existence of real and trance in a lunar landing scene. This legend that Lee wholeheartedly embraces, this memory that exists because he believes; these are expressed as real objects of artistic creation, giving those who exist – yet cannot feel – a way to imagine themselves immersed within memories and visions of the past and future, fusing into contemporary existence.

2015 畢業於國立台北藝術大學新媒體藝術學系碩士班
M.F.A., Taipei National University of the Arts.Department of media art MFA program.
1986 出生於基隆
Born in keelung

2014 高雄美術獎 優選獎
Merit Award, Kaohsiung Arts Awards,Taiwan
2008 台北美術獎 優選獎
Merit Award,Taipei Arts Awards,Taiwan
2008 第ㄧ屆紐約遊歷計畫獲選人
New York Travel Program

Solo Exhibition
2015 月球太空計畫-太空艙、旅行車、月球 , mt.black ,台北
Outer Space and Moon Series – capsule 、car、moon,mt.black,Taipei

Group Exhibition
2016 另一種旅行記紀事,國立臺灣美術館,台中
2015 對飛計畫III-台南-洛杉磯:搭空橋,蕭壠國際藝術村,台南
Round -trip Ticket Tainan-LA III: Aerobridge , Soulangh Artist Village , Tainan
2014 月球太空計畫太空艙+計畫藍圖 , 台新金控大樓,台北
Outer Space and Moon Series , ai Shin Financial Tower, , Taipei
2014 鄉野移動考,東門美術館,台南
The Wilds Investigation Licence ,Art Gallery,Tainan
2014 台北地球日 ,國立臺灣博物館,台北
Earth Day Taipei,National Taiwan Museutm ,Taipei
2014 高雄獎高雄市立美術館,高雄
Kaohsiung awards ,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts ,Kaohsiung
2012 台北國際藝術博覽會 ,台北世界貿易中心 公共藝術區,台北,台灣
ART TAIPEI . Taipei World Trade Center Hall .Taipei
2012 心動EMU ,當代美術館,台北,台灣
Crush on EMU . Taipei Moca Museum .Taipei
2012 紐約遊歷計畫 , 關渡美術館,台北,台灣
New York Travel Program.Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts .Taipei
2012 濳水艇,齁空間,台南,台灣
2102 微影像 ,文賢油漆工程行-豆油間,台南/乒乓工作站,台北,台灣
Bio-Image . Paint House .Tainan .Pingpong .Taipei
2010 論壇雙年展 ,台北當代藝術中心,台北,台灣
Forum Biennial of Taiwanese Contemporary Art .Taipei Contemporary Art Center .Taipei
2010 每日製作 ,關渡美術館,台北,台灣
The practice of everyday ] Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts ,Taipei
2010 後青春 , 關渡美術館,台北,台灣
Post adolescence . Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts .Taipei.
2009 後地方 ,臺北當代藝術館廣場,台北,台灣
POST.O-The Reverse of TOPOS ].Taipei Moca Museum Plaza.Taipei.
2009 復興漢大樂隊-我要成為海產王 , 小草第三年級草地音樂節,宜蘭,台灣
Fuxinghen – Big Bang:I Want to be Seafood King .Grass Festival.Yilan.Taiwan.
2009 透抽5-棘皮王者定番戰 , VT非常廟藝文空間,台北,台灣
Fuxinghen – Big Bang:I Want to be Seafood King ] ,Grass Festival 2009, Yi-lan,Taiwan.
2008 海參展2.0 ,國立台北藝術大學,台北,台灣
Sea slug2.0 .Taipei National University of Arts .Taipei
2007 台北美術獎 , 台北市立美術館, 台北 ,台灣
Taipei Awards 2007 .Taipei Museum of Fine Arts .Taipei

2008 國立臺灣美術館,台中,台灣
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts