Chen Yun


陳雲 Chen Yun


Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart’s desire.
—約翰·杜威John Dewey(1859-1952)


Chen Yun’s works depict that which is both abstract and figurative, in the style of a montage. Past memories and dreams are things experienced before, yet their true existence is utterly improvable. In addition to capturing her own faraway memories, Chen’s works are an attempt to awaken the viewer’s own perception.

In her low-key style, viewers may find it difficult to read the figures clearly, yet there is the high degree of emotional concentration is clearly conveyed. In her words, it is as if you dream of someone, and while you cannot see clearly, your conscious knows exactly who it is.

There is a distinguishing feature to her works, which is that they are generally comprised of two to three works pieced together, exploring a new visual space expanding upward. Her carefully composed works are like poetry, hiding limited clues of space and reality, like a fixed-focus scene, the close-up of a hand, the silhouette of a woman, a microscopic view, or the image of a symbol, allowing viewers to piece together the work themselves. She is like a guide swinging a dim lantern, leading us into the depths of consciousness.

Chen is a faithful creator, a practical and hardworking person – picking out and removing key moments in everyday life with the expert precision of a surgeon, grinding and reconstituting them into works that appear new, yet also familiar and close to the viewer’s heart. In reading her works, there is never a sense of unfamiliarity – rather, it is as if our memories and dreams have been dug up from the deep, and given a new life.

2013 畢業於國立台北藝術大學美術創作研究所
M.F.A. Program, Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 畢業於國立台北藝術大學美術學系
B.F.A., Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
1988 出生於臺灣宜蘭
Born in Yilan, Taiwan

2012 台北美術獎—優選,臺北,臺灣
Taipei Arts Awards, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 國立台北藝術大學美術創作卓越獎,臺北,臺灣
Outstanding Art Prize, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 財團法人龍顏基金會第四屆藝術創作獎,臺北,臺灣
The 4th Longyen Foundation Creative Arts Award, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition
2015 塵語私絮,伊日藝術,高雄,臺灣
Murmuring in the Haze, YIRI ARTS, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013 跨越。在地平線的兩端,槩藝術,臺北,臺灣
Striding Across The Horizon, GaiArt, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 打開顎骨的兩種方式-陳雲、張書毓雙個展,南海藝廊,臺北,臺灣
Both Ways Open Jaws, NanHai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibition
2017 溢界x邊線,大未來林舍畫廊,臺北,臺灣
LIN & LIN GALLERY, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 她們:國際女性藝術家特展,龍美術館 西岸館,中國
SHE : Internatioal Women Artist Exhibition, Long Museum West Bound, China
2015 喧嘩與騷動,伊日藝術,臺北,臺灣
The Sound and the Fury, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 光譜的稜線,關渡美術館,臺北,臺灣
The Spine of Spectrum, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 動物園的故事,伊日藝術,臺北,臺灣
The Zoo Story, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 台北美術獎,台北市立美術館,臺北,臺灣
Taipei arts awards, Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Taiwan
2011 美術創作卓越獎,關渡美術館,臺北,臺灣
Outstanding Art Prize, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 雙年展學院,地下美術館,臺北,臺灣
Biennial College, Underground Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2010 覓尋的一代…繪畫語言的失落與發現,臺灣工業銀行,臺北,臺灣
Industrial Bank of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

Public Collections
2016 影。重置時序與記憶的詩,國立台灣美術館,臺灣
Shadows. Poetry resetting time and memory, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2015 低首。漫步於凝滯待解的過往,國立台灣美術館,臺灣
Lowered head. Strolling in the still stagnant past., National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2015 出生。未停止的依戀,龍美術館,中國
Brith. Never ending attachment., Long Museum, China
2009 Walking Island,財團法人龍顏基金會,臺灣
Walking Island, Longyen Foundation, Taiwan