Hou Chen-Lu

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侯辰璐 Hou Chen-Lu


The process of creation is one of exploration and escape. Any hesitation or paradox throughout ultimately finds itself chronicled and depicted in a final viewing perspective. The artist’s childhood memories include accompanying her parents to the factory where they worked, a collective production environment typical of the 90s, where everyone would go to the public baths after work before returning home.

She remembers the wafting steam in the baths, and the plump middle-aged bodies of the women from the factory. In her works, Hou Chen-lu constructs small interrelated scenes to guide the viewer’s perspective, restoring elements of the painting through pottery. Heat from the hands leaves its mark in the sculpting process, creating a sense of warmth and time. The jet-black ink strokes on coarse grass paper also create something familiar and close.

The emotional release from creation manifests itself in a sense of madness permeating her works , in which she has created a “garden” both for the viewer and for herself, in which we find things of her imagination – a woman with three breasts, transactions, complete remains… these “archaeological” finds are a reexamination of our modern beauty standards, as societal values overcome personal tastes and preferences. As such, Hou seeks to challenge these definitions, to see if they are indeed so absolute.

2017 就讀美國羅德島設計學院 陶藝碩士
    studying in Ceramic M.F.A program, Rhode Island School of Design, US
2016 畢業于廣州美術學院研究所 建築藝術設計學院 裝飾藝術設計系碩士班
    M.A. Decorative Art Design, School of Architectural, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
2016 交換生,陶瓷藝術研修所 台南藝術大學
    Exchange student, Ceramic Art Graduate Program, Tainan National University of the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan
2012 畢業于廣州美術學院 建築藝術設計學院 陶瓷藝術設計系
    B.A. Ceramic design, School of Architectural, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China
1989 出生於中國
    Born in China

Solo Exhibition
2016 屠宰花園,五需陶瓷藝術空間,廣州,中國
    Slaughtering Yard, Uxü Ceramic Art Space, Guangzhou, China
2016 烏合之眾,伊日藝術,臺中,臺灣
    The Molty Crew, YIRI ARTS, Taichung, Taiwan

Group Exhibition
2017 京畿道陶藝雙年展,驪州,韓國
    Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Yeoju, Korea
2016 亞洲當代陶藝展,臺北,臺灣
    Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 廣東高校陶藝學院展,廣州美術學院美術館,廣州,中國
    Guangdong Academy of Ceramics Exhibition, Hangzhou, China of GAFA, Guangdong, China
2015 亞州陶藝展,中國美術學院美術館,浙江,中國
    Asian Ceramics Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
2014 國際陶藝特展,景德鎮陶瓷會展中心,江西,中國
    International Ceramics Exhibition, Jingdezhen Exhibition Center, Jiangxi, China
2014 廣東高校陶藝學院展,廣州美術學院美術館,廣東,中國
    Guangdong Academy of Ceramics Exhibition, Hangzhou, China of GAFA, Guangdong, China
2014 《水火交融》陶藝水彩畫展,佛山1506美術館,廣東,中國
    《Fire and water blend》Ceramics watercolor Exhibition, Foshan1506 Art Museum, Jiangxi, China
2014 亞洲當代陶藝展,仁川文化藝術中心,仁川,韓國
    Contemporary Ceramics art in Asia, Incheon culture Art Center, Incheon, Korea
2012 千里之行-優秀畢業創作展,西安美術學院美術館,陝西,中國
    A thousand miles- Graduation Create Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art of Xi’an Academy of Art, Shanxi, China
2012 全國青年陶藝家雙年展,浙江美術館,浙江,中國
    National Youth Ceramic Artist Biennial, Hangzhou Art Museum, Hangzhou, China